5 Music Production Tips

Vocal’s Start Too Abruptly.

Give the intro to your vocals something extra by adding a reverse reverb effect just before the vocals kick in.

Weak Kick Drum’s.

Is your kick drum lacking some oomph? Try adding some overdrive or giving your kick some compression and EQ. Doubling up your kick by panning one kick to the left channel and the other one to the right channel can also give the kick some depth. Or you can layer one kick drum sound over another to create a different sound and depth.

Same Old Clap.

Been using the same old clap sample in your tracks since day one? Sick of trying to find a new one to use? Well, use the one you have and start changing the shape of it to give it a different sound. You will be amazed at what kind of sounds you may get just by changing one setting in your sampler.

Vocals Too Repetitive.

There’s no excuse for vocals that are too repetitive nowadays, you now have tools which can chop them up and all you have to do is trigger each chopped vocal at different parts of the track creating a very different vocal line. And most music sequencers have their own sample slicer, if yours doesn’t you can download free plug-ins from KVR-Audio.

Stuck For Inspiration.

There is nothing worse than being stuck when writing tunes, it can be really disheartening. When things get like this go and buy some legal MIDI files of styles that you write in and see how the big guys write some of their top tracks. Also, go to YouTube and view some tutorials as well. Some really good advice and ideas have been posted on youtube.

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