5 Video Ideas For Youtube Music Channels

Get more video views for your channel with these 5 video ideas for Youtube music channels. Get ready for a surge in traffic.

So you are a struggling musician on youtube and you’re trying to get views on your youtube music channel. But it’s just not happening. That’s because they’re not interested in your music because they haven’t heard of you before. It’s a very big struggle for musicians to try and get people into their channel if nobody has heard of you before.

So i’m going to give you 5 videos ideas for youtube music channels that actually draw people into your channel. Even if they haven’t heard of you before.

Video Idea 1: Music Covers

Yeah, do cover versions of other people’s tracks because people are actually searching for cover versions of their favorite tracks. Even better, do cover versions of new tracks have just been released and are trending. You can actually tell what’s trending by going to youtube’s trending page. It might be interesting to hear a new track done in a different way.

You might get a lot of hate from fans, but the thing is it could get you a lot of traffic.

Video Idea 2: Tutorials

Tutorials draw in a lot of views. The reason that they draw on a lot of views is because that is what people are searching for. “How to this” and “how to that” and “where to find”, things like that.

It’s got to be stuff that people are searching for.

Video Idea 3: Vlogs

Now don’t just decide to go out there and do family or random vlogs. Vlogs are a good idea but they have to be focused around music if your channel is about music. If you are a musician make your vlogs revolve around music.

Take for example, now i’m gonna tell you about someone that’s in a different field, Peter Mckinnon. Peter, a photographer who does how-to videos just like the previous video idea and he also does vlogs. But the thing is his vlogs revolve around his photography. And you can do the same with your vlogs, revolve your vlogs around music. There’s nothing worse than going onto someone’s vlogs that you know revolves around music. And it’s completely different as it’s nothing to do with music. Trust me, i’ve done family vlogs and it didn’t work.

Video Idea 4: Reviews

Software and hardware reviews is a very good field to be in and will bring in the views. As soon as you buy a brand new synthesizer do a review. You want to be the first one to get a review up there. You have to be quick there’s always people out there that are wanting to see what this equipment is like.

If you’re going to do an instrument review make sure that you’re actually playing the instrument. People that are watching your review want to see that equipment in action.

Video Idea 5: Challenges

Now this could be anything, this could be challenge yourself to write a tune in an hour. You could also get your audience to tell you which tune you’re going to do a cover of. Let your audience choose which track you’re going to do a cover of.

I think that that would be hilarious. If i was to do that, i do happy hardcore. And if someone says to do a happy hardcore of Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree. I think people are going to be finding that very very funny to do.

If these 5 video ideas for Youtube music channels have helped you share this article with your friends and thank you for reading.

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