Are Your Tunes Non-Copyrighted?

I have seen this question time and time again and it tells me they shouldn’t be creating content.

There Is No Such Thing As Non-Copyrighted Music.

In all countries that signed up to the Berne Convention (that includes US, UK, Canada etc) as soon as you create a piece of music, copyright already exists in that musical piece. Copyright exists the moment a work is “fixed” in a tangible form.

Not In Content ID Does Not Mean It Isn’t Copyright Protected.

Not every music track out there is in the Content ID system on Youtube or any other upload filters. In fact, some content is not eligible to be entered into these systems as they may be either Creative Commons BY licensed, royalty free or public domain works.

Just Because Music Is Free Does Not Mean It Is Free To Use.

Again, another misconception alot of people make. Alot of video creators out there think that because music is free then they can use it in their videos.

This is not true. Unless the music is in the public domain, music needs to be licensed for usage, whether it is for commercial or non-commercial.

Oh, and Creative Commons licensed music is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.

To clarify…

No, my music is NOT Non-Copyrighted. In fact, they are all copyright registered.

You are just free to use them under rules of the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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