Bouncy Hardcore Mix #1 – Bouncy Techno and UK Hardcore Mix

Take a trip back in time to my young bouncy techno rave days up until early 2000’s UK Hardcore with this 30 min bouncy hardcore mix I did a while back.

1990’s Bouncy Techno

The years of plastering your wall with flyers you got from leaving raves, events and clubs as well as cut outs from M8 Magazine and Clubscene Magazine.

2000’s UK Hardcore

Then a little bit from the early 2000’s and the age of the internet arrives with UK Hardcore and flyers being sent over forums and social media.

Crank the volume up and press play. Enjoy some bangin beats.

Track Listing

  1. Now Is The Time – Scott brown vs rab s
  2. Cold As Ice – Stingray & The Sonic Driver
  3. Deep In The Underground – Lock Jaw
  4. Metamorphosis (Scott Brown’s Twisted Vinyl Remix) – Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime
  5. The Horny Raver – D Zyne And DJ Fury
  6. Rock That Body – Scott brown
  7. Elysium Plus – Scott brown
  8. Bring Me Round To Love (Scott Brown Remix) – Sy & Unknown

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