Are Your Tunes Non-Copyrighted?

I have seen this question time and time again and it tells me they shouldn't be creating content. There Is No Such Thing As Non-Copyrighted Music. In all countries that signed up to the Berne Convention (that includes US, UK, Canada etc) as soon as you create a piece of music, copyright already exists in... Continue Reading →

5 Video Ideas For Youtube Music Channels

Get more video views for your channel with these 5 video ideas for Youtube music channels. Get ready for a surge in traffic. So you are a struggling musician on youtube and you're trying to get views on your youtube music channel. But it's just not happening. That's because they're not interested in your music... Continue Reading →

Copyright Claim From Using Soundcloud Music?

Copyright from using Soundcloud music? Are you worried you will get a copyright claim or strike from soundcloud music you have used in your Youtube video? This video will give you some of the reasons why you may get a copyright claim or strike from music you thought you had permission to use.  Watch Video

Can I Copyright Music By Posting It To Myself?

Can I copyright music by posting to myself? Does posting your music to yourself protect your copyright? In the 1990's I learned of this method of copyrighting music, also known as the poor mans copyright, which is to send your music to yourself by registered post. But does it work? WATCH VIDEO

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