Can I Copyright Music By Posting It To Myself?

Can I copyright music by posting to myself? Does posting your music to yourself protect your copyright? In the 1990's I learned of this method of copyrighting music, also known as the poor mans copyright, which is to send your music to yourself by registered post. But does it work? WATCH VIDEO

Start Your Own Music Website

Starting your own music website can seem a daunting task, and it can be, but its still one of the best ways to promote yourself online. You probably have your own social networking pages on the net on such networks as Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud, but what you really need is a central point that... Continue Reading →

5 Music Production Tips

Vocal's Start Too Abruptly. Give the intro to your vocals something extra by adding a reverse reverb effect just before the vocals kick in. Weak Kick Drum's. Is your kick drum lacking some oomph? Try adding some overdrive or giving your kick some compression and EQ. Doubling up your kick by panning one kick to the... Continue Reading →

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