Are Your Tunes Non-Copyrighted?

I have seen this question time and time again and it tells me they shouldn't be creating content. There Is No Such Thing As Non-Copyrighted Music. In all countries that signed up to the Berne Convention (that includes US, UK, Canada etc) as soon as you create a piece of music, copyright already exists in... Continue Reading →

5 Video Ideas For Youtube Music Channels

Get more video views for your channel with these 5 video ideas for Youtube music channels. Get ready for a surge in traffic. So you are a struggling musician on youtube and you're trying to get views on your youtube music channel. But it's just not happening. That's because they're not interested in your music... Continue Reading →

Copyright Claim From Using Soundcloud Music?

Copyright from using Soundcloud music? Are you worried you will get a copyright claim or strike from soundcloud music you have used in your Youtube video? This video will give you some of the reasons why you may get a copyright claim or strike from music you thought you had permission to use.  Watch Video

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