How To Find Free EDM – Free Electronic Dance Music For All

Looking for free Electronic Dance Music tunes? Then let me show you how to find free EDM LEGALLY.

Whilst everyone knows that you can get free tracks from Soundcloud, there are other places you might not of heard of. For instance you can get Free EDM tracks from netlabels which are sort of like record labels but are mainly based online and most of them release tracks for free.

Netlabels can be found in different ways, here are some of them.

1. Do A Search

Go to google, Bing or any search engine and type in “free edm netlabel” or change “edm” to your favourite EDM sub-genre such as “free uk hardcore netlabel”.

2. Directories

Directories such as or These directories have been set up to promote netaudio music and all music on them are free.


Visit which is a huge archive of netlabel music. You might be sifting through a lot of tunes before you get to tunes you like though.

4. Bandcamp

Another website to check out is Bandcamp. If you do a search of your favourite EDM sub-genre on there you will find loads of tracks, including free ones or name your price.

These are just a few of the ways of finding them, i’m probably just scraping the surface.

What is the name of your favourite netlabel? Leave a comment down below.

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