Saturday Uproar #1 – A Bouncy Hardcore Mix

A Bouncy Hardcore mix and a start to a new series of mixes being uploaded to Mixcloud.

Turn up the volume

Here is the first Barry Euphorik’s Saturday Uproar which is a mix of Bouncy Hardcore tracks.

As new mixes are added, more and more tracks from myself, my label and other Creative Commons licensed tracks will be featured in them.


  1. Every Time I Close My Eyes (Ultravibes Remix) – Scott Brown, Gilliant Tennant
  2. Hold It, Check It (Extended Mix) – Technikore
  3. Like It Like That (Hardcore Heaven Mix) – Al Storm, Euphony, Laelia
  4. In The Darkness (DJ Friendly Mix) – Alaguan
  5. I Won’t Cry (feat. Zoe VanWest) [DJ Friendly Mix] – Daniel Seven
  7. The Middle – Headsplitterz Ft. Harri Rush
  8. Stronger (feat. EMEL) – Stonebank
  9. I Wanna Know – UFO & Keileigh Macdonald
  10. Here Beside Me (UFO Remix) – UFO, Stompy & Supreme
  11. Wakey Wakey (Original Mix) – Scott Brown
  12. Get Down – Euphorik Rhythm

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