Start Your Own Music Website

Starting your own music website can seem a daunting task, and it can be, but its still one of the best ways to promote yourself online.

You probably have your own social networking pages on the net on such networks as Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud, but what you really need is a central point that links all of these together. This is where a website comes handy and also, having a website looks more professional and you can put this one web address on all your flyers and business cards knowing that if people visit your webpage they will then find out about your social networks and other pages.

Also, what if one of your social network profiles gets suspended for some odd reason, how will people find your other pages? By having a central point.

Do It Yourself.

Do your research on which web host is right for you as not all web hosts are the same and give you the same deals.

The only problem with some webhosts is that you have to pick whats known as a virtual server, where your website has to share the same server as several other websites. If you host music on your website and it slows the server down, expect your account to be suspended or cancelled.

If you plan to host your music on the web server then your best option is to go for a dedicated server.

Pay Someone To Do It.

If you have absolutely no experience in website designing this might be more usefull to you, as a website designer will already know where to go for hosting and what your options are for hosting your music and will make your website look more professional.

Blog It Instead.

This is definately an option, installing a blogging CMS (content management Software) setup such as WordPress onto your server will mean that you dont need to know any website design and you can download what are known as templates or themes to change the look of your website. You can probably find someone who can create an original one for you.

Instead of installing a blog onto a web server of your own you can sign up for an account with either Blogger or Tumblr and forget about web host costs as they are free.

Get a Domain and Bandcamp Pro.

If you have a Pro account at Bandcamp then you can just purchase a domain name and adjust your DNS configuration so that it points to your Bandcamp page.

This can be a very daunting task, so if you don’t know what you are doing then it is best to ask a friend who does.

What About Music Promotion?

Its all about getting your website address out there, any way you can. But be warned, DO NOT SPAM as this will just get people annoyed with you and less likely to visit your website.

You have to perform tried and tested ways of promoting the website such as flyers, business cards, free cd’s. Giving these out to your fans especially when you are doing gigs. Don’t leave a gig without giving the fans something to take home with them and make sure it has your website address on it.

There is also web directories, get your website onto as many of them as possible, but, DO NOT PAY for inclusion on them. Paying for inclusion on a directory will be a waste of money.

Also, remember that originality is the key, Keep bringing new and original content to your website and that will bring in the visitors.

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